Premium Dog Boarding

Sit. Stay. Sleep.

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Rest easy with our home-away-from-home pet boarding

Our dog boarding experience means peace of mind for you and extra-special attention for your pup when you go out of town or need overnight care for any reason.

At Petz Plaza in Baton Rouge, our overnight dog boarding service offers deluxe accommodations for dogs and cats with lots of special touches. As part of our boarding service, guests receive two to three generous walks each day in our fenced canine courtyards.

Suite Pricing (varies by size)

●    $31 - $61


Dog Boarding Packages

Peak Season Pricing


During our most in-demand boarding timeframes, a $5/night Peak Season Pricing charge will be added to all boarding reservations. Peak season dates include any major local school breaks and May 24th  – Sept 9th, November 22nd – December 1st, & December 15th – January 3rd.

Late Check-Out Fee


We charge a late check-out fee for all dog boarding guests who are picked up after 12 pm, equal to a half-day of daycare. Your pup will still get to enjoy our fun facility while they wait to be picked up!

Sunday pickup (from 3-5 pm only): $10

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● While your dog is staying overnight, we offer Science Diet Adult Maintenance and Science Diet Adult Small Bites for a fee.

● If you prefer to bring personal food please bring enough food for the duration of your pet's boarding stay. You must provide individual prepackaged containers or Ziplock bags with your pet’s name and food measured by meal.

● If food is not pre-portioned, a meal packaging fee of $3 per day (max of $15 per boarding stay) will be applied to your pet’s invoice.

● Canned food and meal toppers are accepted in their original container but must be labeled with your pet's name.

● We will feed according to the schedule you provide us at the time of drop off.

● Please inform us of any food allergies your pet may have.



We walk all of the dogs three times a day: first thing in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening. If your dog is compatible with other animals, we will bring him or her out on a group walk unless you suggest otherwise. This gives dogs a chance to socialize as well.

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Special Needs

● Please inform us if your pet has any particular health or medical issues. We keep a vigorous medication schedule. Please allow time at check-in to notify the staff about specific instructions with medication.

● We are happy to administer oral or topical medications or supplements to your pets! Medication must be in the original prescribed container with the prescription label adhered.

● We walk all dogs with pull leashes, so if your wish for your dog to be walked on a harness please let us know.

● Please let us know if we should use additional caution to handle your pet (i.e. bad back, hip dysplasia, seizures, etc.).

● If your pet has any abrasions or limping please inform us to avoid an unnecessary visit to the vet.

● If we feel that any extra care is needed or that your pet’s behavior is unusual, we will bring them to Dr. C.B. Hackett at the Animal Health Clinic.


Dog being fed a treat.

Pet Boarding Amenities

Premium Pet Boarding Amenities

There's no doubt your pet holds a special place in your heart, so rest assured we treat them like family when they are with us. In addition to our special amenities, we offer additional services and upgrades to luxury suites, flat-screen TVs, and rooms-with-a-view to help your pet enjoy their stay with us.

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Recommended for calmer or elderly dogs

With the TLC add-on service, your dog is taken outside for an extra bathroom break and walk. Once relieved, your dog is taken to a luxury suite (if not already staying in one) and cuddled by a trained staff member for 30-45 minutes. If your dog is used to being brushed daily, this is a good time for this activity.

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For active dogs who love to play outside

The Playtime amenity enhances your dog's stay with us by giving them the enjoyment of being taken outside with a member of our trained staff for increased health and exercise! We have balls, ropes, and other toys to play games for them to release as much energy as possible.